Hilton Bangalore’s Turkish food competition is more than simply mezze platters

The placing becomes best on the Ministry of Food. Turkey flags hung from the walls and meal stations, while tunes from the Turkish long-necked flute, baglama saz, played inside the history. We were at Hilton Bangalore Embassy Golflinks to enjoy the Afiyet Olsun (that means bon appétit) Turkish Food Festival.

Turkish Cuisine

Curated by way of chef de partie Sedat Hamarat from Conrad Istanbul Bosphorus, the spread showcases the high-quality of Turkish delicacies — kebabs, salads, mezze, bread, and soups. We started our meal with the Kisir (Bulgur Salad). The Kisir, made with cracked and parboiled wheat, marinated with lime and red chili, and crowned with mint, supplied the suitable establishing for an intricate dinner. The citrusy and refreshing flavors have been ideal for the warm nighttime.

In soup

We then sampled the Ezogelin Soup — a staple in Turkey made with bulgur and purple lentils. The thick and warm broth was the incomplete assessment of the salad. The lentils and bulgur had been cooked to perfection, making them feel easy. From the kebabs, we attempted the signature chook Turkish Kebab. This became a palate pleaser with its juiciness, and the hint of smokiness went nicely with yogurt marination. We paired this with flatbread, and the combination becomes apt.

We attempted the Lamb Papaz Yahni from the mains. A lamb stew cooked with onions, spring onions, carrots, and herbs became extra like comfort food. Although the spices used have been limited, the herbs delivered flavor to the clear stew. The mutton was cooked properly and became falling off the bones. It paired well with pita bread too. We endorse the Vegetable Turlu, a stew cooked with overwhelmed potatoes, scallions, eggplant, beans, and carrots from the vegetarian dishes. The warm flavors of the Turkish spices made this a success. However, our dinner’s highlight was the Turkish Pide — an oval flatbread filled with minced lamb and crowned with melted cheese. It is typically referred to as the Turkish Pizza. This is an ought to attempt.

Pudding alongside

A meal pageant could be incomplete without a complex dessert menu, and Afiyet Olsun goes past expectations to provide an expansion of genuine desserts. From the unfold, we attempted the Tahini Halva and the Cherry Pudding.

The Tahini Halva, made with floor tahini, butter, flour, and sugar, turned into scrumptious. The cherry pudding, with its grainy texture and fresh cherry flavor, changed into also enjoyable. With a combination of true Turkish dishes and a medley of flavors, Afiyet Olsun is certainly worth striving for.

In the land where the grape is grown

Urgup is home to the international, prize-winning Turasan Winery, which recently has been making a splash with its annual Wine Festival held each June. Slowly but surely, Turkey is refining its wine industry and picking up where the Greeks left off when they left the area nearly 85 years ago. Turan’s red wines are very nice. Try the 2005 Kalecik Karasi, a fruity Pinot style wine perfect for a late afternoon lunch. Goreme, don’t miss the Orient Restaurant and its fine collection of local wines and delicious entrees.

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