Eat, Pray, Love: Best locations to take pleasure in Italian cuisine

In her bestseller memoir, after her sour divorce, Elizabeth Gilbert flew to Italy to consume massive pizza, pasta, and gelato. Italian holiday may be famous for its wealthy history and architecture, however tasting true Italian delicacies is, in reality, a part of the itinerary.

Italian Cuisine

Italian excursion specialist Citalia has created a guide to 90 of the exceptional studies around the u. S. With all the precise motives to visit them – whether you need to take within the Siena Palio or the Venice Regatta, go island hopping off Sicily, or even scuba diving.

One of Italy’s finest draws is its widespread love of meals. If you’re going on a ride to try the great the country has to provide – or if you’re preventing off to grab a bite to eat – make sure you try food from:


Alba is global-well-known for the Festa di Tartufi – the White Truffle Fair – but gourmands can sample neighborhood wine or take advantage of the fact that the metropolis is domestic the Ferrero group, who produce the popular Ferrero Rocher goodies.


The culinary capital of Italy, Bologna isn’t simplest the starting place of Bolognese sauce (although the local version is remarkably exclusive and generally served with tagliatelle), but additionally of Bologna sausage and expansion of first-class wines.


Pasta-fans must head to Minori to try scialatielli, a quick and thick pasta just like linguini, that’s noticeably famous inside the seashore city.


If you’re seeking out a sharper taste, Procida’s “bread lemons,” so-named for their huge amounts of pith, are used to create a local dish, lemon salad, in which the lemons are flavored and garnished with garlic and mint.

Helen Adamson, Citalia Brand & Commercial Director, stated: “Many traffic to Italy enjoy traveling popular relaxing inns like Sardinia’s Costa Smeralda, or cities that offer something new every time, such as Rome. However, there’s also much greater to Italy for everybody seeking out something similarly off the overwhelmed track.

“With our 90th birthday celebrations, we need to make it clear that Italy has something for all and sundry – authentic food places, historic sites from any time inside the remaining 3000 years, and busy local nightlife alternatives. We created this device so that Italy fanatics can discover something that fits their tastes, each within the famous vacationer hubs and in destinations, few assume to visit.”

In standard, south Italian dishes are lighter and more healthy. Due to their meal habits, south Italians are the healthiest humans inside the globe. One of the factors that make south Italian eating regimen so healthy is using olive oil in most of their dishes.

Spices in Italian Cuisine

Don’t restrict your thoughts of Italian delicacies to 3 dishes of spaghetti and meatball. Italian cuisine is rich, complicated, and diverse. More spices locate their way into an Italian dish than simply garlic.

Many human beings are under the misconception that the Italians use an overabundance of spices in their food. This is because, in America, human beings who’ve neither been to Italy nor tasting Italian cuisine cook dinner Italian food.

Italians use spices simplest to beautify the natural flavor of particular dishes. Moreover, Italian meals’ character depends on the seasons, and because of this, Italians do no longer depend closely on using spices. Their meats, pasta, and sauces generally have a sparkling flavor on their very own. Travelers, however, have determined that north Italians use extra spices in their meals than south Italians.

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