Teriyaki is the best BBQ sauce that isn’t barbecue at all

In Japanese, “Teri” means shiny, and “yaki” means grilling or broiling. The shine comes from brushing on a tare, the classic Japanese sweetened soy sauce, during cooking.

BBQ Grilling

Teriyaki is the instant version of tare — which is often boiled and reboiled, fed and improved over time, like a starter for sourdough bread, though it isn’t fermented. It is salty from soy sauce and sweet from sugar or mirin, with depth from sake (it doesn’t need garlic or ginger or scallions or anything else), and it works as a grilling sauce for just about anything. A final sprinkle of togarashi or chile powder adds heat, and a squeeze of lemon juice brightens with acidity.

Although you can simmer the sauce on the stove any time and keep it in the fridge, you can make the following dish even quicker by cooking the sauce in a saucepan right on the grill next to the fish or whatever you’re grilling. (Make sure your saucepan is heavy-duty enough to handle the heat.) When the sauce sits on the grill, it soaks up some of the smokiness from the salmon and — partnered with broccoli rabe, its leaves charred until crisp — makes for a quick and undeniably satisfying weeknight dinner.

BBQ parties are always fun events during the summer. It gives you the perfect reason to get friends together for a day of fun in your backyard. BBQ parties are annual traditions for some families, and it’s important to take good care of your grill to keep it functioning properly and look good year after year. Aside from cleaning the grill, it’s also better to cover them when not in use. BBQ grill covers aren’t just supposed to make the grill look pretty; it also plays a major role in maintenance.

Don’t be afraid to invest a significant amount of money on your grill cover. Your grill cover will safeguard your investment in an expensive piece of equipment. BBQ grill covers to protect your BBQ grill from rain, snow, dirt, heat, stains, and other external factors that can cause damage. If well taken-cared of, your grill can last several years and function properly whenever you need it.

Just be careful to keep the cover away from the grill while you’re using it and put it back on after the grill cools down. Maintenance is also practical because you only have to wipe it down when it gets dirty or wet. There are different types of BBQ grill covers in the market made of different materials in various quality levels.

Some are made of thin and flimsy materials, while others are made of heavy-duty vinyl. The covers are manufactured based on the different styles and sizes of grills available in the market. Be sure to get your grill’s brand and model number or measure the grill before you shop for covers.

After spending a huge amount on your BBQ grill, it only makes sense to purchase a good quality cover too. Even if you diligently clean and try to protect your grill from dirt and climate conditions, a cover is still necessary to keep it clean for a long time because after you’ve cleaned and polished your grill, it only takes a few days before it starts to gather dust again.

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