Tantalisingly Turkish! Flavoursome meals at Miniya

There’s not anything quite like avenue food and all the higher if it’s grub from Turkey. But consuming at a luxurious area has its very own spell. If you suspect in no way can the twain meet, then the newly-opened Miniya-Turk, which serves Turkish in addition to Italian fare, may additionally bust that myth? When you head there, it will first be the food cart, which doubles up as a liquids trolley, that will delight you. It’s the eating place’s logo, which symbolises the road food of the middle-eastern united states of America. Since one has tasted Italian delicacies extra often than no longer, we favoured the Turkish component, and as we would later discover, just one half changed into greater than we may want to chunk!
Italy meets Turkey

The subdued cyan interiors of the Italian component and the vibrant brick-coloured walls of the Turkish now not simplest harmoniously co-exist but also make for an excellent comparison. Train your eyes on the striking lamps, carved partitions and different décor factors. After taking inside the atmosphere, we settled in to devour. Warning: the menu here is expansive! You might be spoilt for desire, which might also imply you’ll be harassed about what to try. After a good deal hemming and hawing, we were geared up to the reserve.
Starters and more

Our night started with the cocktails. We attempted the whiskey-based Bodrum Sour (Rs 510), which turned into zesty, delish and pleasingly boozy. Vodka-based Istanbul Swing (Rs 510), with its pomegranate and lemon juice flavour, thrilled our taste buds as properly. Next up had been the broths. Chickpeas and Tomato Soup (Rs 279) become thick, flavoursome, comforting and observed by an edible orchid. This becomes observed via the Lebanese salad Tabbouleh Quinoa (Rs 360), which had the crackle of parsley, the zing of lemon vinaigrette and wholesomeness of quinoa. Then got here the Spinach Feta Triangles (Rs 399) with their crisp filo layer that gave it a delicate crunch along with the taste of pine nuts and cheese. For the non-veg food fanatics, it is going to be an awesome concept to order the Adana Chicken Kebab (Rs 540) and the Ras El Hanout Spiced Prawns (Rs 599). While the former is a fiery kebab flavoured with Turkish spices, the latter packs in a punch with the juicy prawns and spices. If you want to sample special dips, then the Med Sampler (Rs 495) could be an excellent concept. It has falafel and pita bread served with hummus, baba ganoush, tabbouleh, labneh and muhammara, every vying in your taste buds’ attention.
A fascinating dish here was Kuru (Rs 399), that’s Turkish jacket potato served with toppings. You can make your personal Kuru and select from Four Cheese, Mayonaise & Ketchup, Herbed Butter American Corn, Olives, Jalapeno Chillies and Hot Chilli Sauce toppings. We ordered ours with the Jalapeno Chillies, and the properly-grilled outside and soft filling made for an interesting blend. In spite of stuffing our faces silly with the salads, appetisers and whatnot, we have been a ways from performed. Everything we had had till now best seemed like a precursor to what changed into to come. Tomato Pilaf (Rs 330) — conventional tomato-based Turkish rice — was as tangy because it sounded. We also tried the Soya Chickpeas Kofta with Spiced Pilaf (Rs 495), a should-have in case you need to try out something specific.
Always a room for dessert

No meal is whole with out desserts. Our table changed into saddled with easy and perfectly-textured Tiramisu (Rs 399), Chocolate Raspberry Torte (Rs 330) and Double Layered Chocolate Mousse (Rs 399), which were all decadent and ridiculously delectable. Well, a culinary Turkish enjoy without Baklava is inconceivable, so we ordered our component (fees Rs 399). The flaky filo (phyllo) dough had the proper amount of crunch even as melting into our mouths. This turned into without difficulty the celebrity of the nighttime and preferred it’s said; we stored the first-class for ultimate!

If you sense over-filled, the genial personnel has got your lower back. You can wash all of it down with Turkish Coffee that’s mixed with cardamom and followed using dates. Kahwa is simply as soothing not best to the tummy; however, also your nerves.

Verdict: For an authentic Turkish enjoy, this vicinity is a need-to-go to. The array of dishes, exclusive flavours and especially the desserts can not be neglected. It may show to be destructive to the pocket, but it is going to be worth your even as.

At: Miniya-Turk, Floor 1, Crescent Royale, Veera Desai Road, Off Link Road, Behind Crescent Tower, Andheri Lokhandwala, Andheri West