Jamba Juice Subtly Dropped the ‘Juice’ From Its Name, So Now It’s Just ‘Jamba’

Jamba Juice just took a page from Dunkin’s ebook! The California-based chain introduced earlier this month that it officially dropped the “Juice” from its call and turned into “Jamba” as an alternative. The exchange is part of the company’s effort to reveal to clients that it sells more than simply juice. That’s why the brand new moniker additionally coincided with a newly increased menu and remodeled restaurant appearance.

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The brand now boasts a greater inclusive tag line – “Smoothies, Juices, and Bowls” – which it additionally hopes will replicate its wider array of offerings.

“We’ve been imparting balanced ingredients on the pass for almost 30 years and need to preserve to evolve to satisfy our visitors’ ever-changing definition of well being,” said Geoff Henry, Jamba’s president, in an announcement Opens a New Window. “We’re staying real to our historical past as an innovator in the area and fresh the logo to stay targeted on how we can make it less difficult, better, and faster for visitors to stay a more energetic lifestyle.”

While juices will remain on the menu, they may now be joined by using smoothies, bowls, boosts, and fun length on-the-cross bites as a way to cater to customers with precise dietary desires. New additions include the plant-based Vanilla Blue Sky Smoothie and Bowl with obviously occurring blue spirulina and metal-cut oatmeal. Additional dishes are expected to debut throughout 2019.

Furthermore, the reinvigorated menu became crafted by culinary specialists and an in-residence registered dietitian to characteristic sparkling, excessive fine entire-meals ingredients that might be unfastened from excessive fructose corn syrup, synthetic sweeteners, synthetic flavors, and artificial colors.

To go along with an up to date menu and shortened call, new Jamba locations may also have a modernized design to include the new brand and whirl, which is defined as a “current interpretation” of its predecessor. All new locations will characteristic a proper and approachable atmosphere stimulated by way of the chain’s local juice store roots. Expect to peer modern-day touches of mild wood, freshness cues that show off the real ingredients getting into each made-to-order smoothie, juice, bowl, and colorful and expressive factors.

Last, however, no longer least, Jamba is releasing an all-new cell-friendly website and cell app geared to the on-the-pass patron. The new app, available for iOS and Android, has been built from the floor as much as encompasses customization and personalization features, order ahead abilities, nutritional options, included present playing cards, and brand new loyalty software.

Jamba’s trade comes about 12 months after Dunkin’ Donuts officially shortened its name to Dunkin’ and after IHOP changed its name to IHOP in 2018 for you to sell extra hamburgers.

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