Global Baked Foods & Cereals Database 2010-2017 & 2018-2023

Baked Foods & Cereals is an international intelligence database on bakery and cereal merchandise that gives 52 fundamental nations records. It covers 13 12 months of comparable records with five-year forecasts consisting of value and extent sales. Consists of pass usa sturdy and granular records facts were overlaying broader product classes in addition to distribution channel income.

Baked Foods

Market Scope

Overall baked meals and cereal products market information, extent, and price analytics with boom trend (2010-2023).
Distribution channel income statistics from 2010-2017
According to capita expenditure, additional records consist of GDP, according to capita expenditure, financial parameters, populace, inflation- meals inflation and overall inflation, and united states forex costs.

This Research Data involves examining Baked Foods & Cereals Sector across six regions, masking 52 international locations with greater than seventy-five,000 data factors for 2010-2023. Below stated, six wide categories are included in the market, covering diverse segments, Category definitions, and phase definitions.

Breakfast Cereals
Cakes, Pastries & Sweet Pies
Sweet Biscuits
Morning Goods
Crackers & Savory Biscuits

Market Overview

The worldwide baked meals & cereals Market is anticipated to attain USD 587 billion with the aid of 2023 at a CAGR of four.2% in the course of the forecast length. The worldwide baked food & cereals sale has handed 123, 900 million Kg in 2017, registering a volume CAGR of 1.Nine%, for the forecast length duration. The consumption of baked meals & cereals has observed a solid increase for the past 5 years.

Western Europe Showing Declining Volume Sales

Central and Western European Baked meals & cereals marketplace accounts for over 47% of the worldwide intake by extent. Central Europe is witnessing a fantastic CAGR for the duration of the forecast length. However, the Western European baked meals quantity sale is anticipated to decline after a sluggish growth till 2017. Asia-Pacific recorded the fastest volume CAGR of four.5% At some point of the forecast, duration to reach close to Western Europe. Asia-Pacific overcomes North America inside the extent sale while it’s far predicted to reach close to North America in fee income by using 2023. India and Indonesia recorded a robust CAGR at some stage in the forecast. South America is witnessing a healthful cost CAGR of seven% while the unit sale is shifting at a 1% CAGR. The Middle East & Africa passed an extent consumption of 8,324 million Kg in 2017, with Saudi Arabia the biggest marketplace.

Biscuits Recorded a Steady Growth Rate

Sweet biscuits remain the popular bakery merchandise in Asia-Pacific that is witnessing the fastest CAGR of 7% at some stage in the forecast period. Asia-Pacific continues to dominate the sweet biscuit marketplace globally observed through Western Europe and North America. Glucose biscuits, which can be the lowest charge biscuit in the Asian marketplace, are declining. In contrast, the top-class section, which incorporates cream stuffed biscuits, sweet biscuits, and health biscuits, recorded an impressive increase within the past few years. Chocolate-lined biscuits were witnessing a declining unit sales globally at the same time as cookies located a robust boom.

Asia-Pacific is predicted to surpass North America and Western Europe to be the most important pastries marketplace using 2023

North America holds the dominant position inside the global pastries market with a market proportion of 15%, accompanied by Asia-Pacific and Western Europe. The pastries intake in Asia-Pacific is predicted to pass USD 22 billion using 2023 witnessing a sturdy CAGR of 6.Three%. The Middle East & Africa recorded the fastest CAGR of 6.Five% in pastries market that is accompanied by Asia-Pacific. North America found a flat pastries sale for the duration of the forecast period after recording a sturdy quantity boom at some stage in 2012-2017.

Expanding retail channels in emerging marketplace riding sales

Supermarkets/hypermarkets account for the dominant proportion of forty-five % within the market simultaneously as online retail is witnessing a faster growth rate. Baked food sales from Specialist retailers recorded USD 165 billion in 2017, up 20% from 2012. Online retail is the quickest growing channel globally, registered a CAGR of four.7% Throughout 2012-2017 observed using convenience stores. Online grocery for baked food is growing at a faster rate in Western Europe. Western Europe accounts for 42% of the global online retail sale of baked meals and cereals.

Reasons to Purchase this Dashboard

More Granular: Covers extra categories, segments, and sub-segments information at us of a and global degree than different market intelligence vendors.

Analyzing the outlook of the marketplace with the latest marketplace records, ancient facts, and market forecast
Ease of comparison: Our analytics is based on standardized definitions across the globe to facilitate a higher comparison of market information.

View market in distinctive approaches amongst classes and geography to apprehend in which the actual possibility lies
Market segmentation such as quantitative studies incorporating the impact of financial and non-financial aspects
Regional and usa degree records integrating the demand and supply forces that are influencing the growth of the market
Market fee (USD Million) and extent (Kg Million) facts for every section and subphase.

Understanding of the marketplace due to fee and extent changes, intra category competition, and distribution channel developments
Develop commercial enterprise strategy to spot growth possibility and maximize income in multi-channel distribution via all B2C channels.

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Customization of the Dashboard

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