Argentina has asado, Brazil has churrascaria, and Bolivia’s meals…isn’t mentioned all that a great deal. But those who do journey to the underrated united states locate that it’s just like its food: humble, pure, and full of personality. From consolation meals to five-famous person delicacies, the food in Bolivia packs a punch—normally within the maximum unassuming institutions—that would rival its greater famous pals.

Here are 10 dishes we tried on our most current ride to La Paz which can be uniquely Bolivian and could make you want to head there, like, the day prior to this.

Sopa de Mani (Peanut Soup)

Maybe it’s the modest name that makes this traditional soup so sudden—“peanut soup” doesn’t exactly sound existence-changing. In fact, it’s the best component we ate in Bolivia, and our handiest regret is not licking the bowl. The peanut-infused broth is wealthy and creamy, anchored through a hunk of meat on the bone, plus pasta (surprise!) that’s fried for added taste, and it’s topped with potato chips for a satisfyingly salty crunch.


Bolivia’s answer to the empanada, these beef and potato crammed pastry pockets are eaten as a savory breakfast snack—and we’re dissatisfied no one has ever advised us turned into an alternative, via the way. You can discover them throughout La Paz, however the ones bought with the aid of road carriers are normally simply as delicious as those in eating places. Get going early, even though; they notoriously disappear by using afternoon.

Llama Steak

Yes, we ate a llama and we feel guilty approximately it, ok? But let’s study the statistics: There are more than three million llamas in Bolivia, so it’s no longer surprising that their meat is consumed simply as cows are in the U.S. In reality, the Andean specialty appears on almost each Bolivian menu, every now and then in sophisticated recipes like llama carpaccio. The verdict: It’s tasty, but it is able to be chewy due to the fact the beef is so lean. Ours become served with some other conventional food, crimson quinoa, and perhaps the satisfactory avocado we’ve ever had.

High-Altitude Chocolate

The taste of chocolate in Bolivia might marvel you. Visitors who come from sea degree tend to assume it’s much less sweet than chocolate again domestic, an impact as a result of the high altitude decreasing your experience of flavor. We’ve individually by no means had a chocolate bar we didn’t like. El Ceibo, which claims to be the best chocolate brand absolutely produced by using the cocoa producers themselves from tree to client, makes their bars with organic cocoa beans (you’ll word that everything in Bolivia seems to be organic). Try the Andean Royal Quinoa & Uyuni Salt bar; the salt in it comes from Bolivia’s famous salt residences, Salar de Uyuni.

Pasankalla (Puffed Cereal)

Think Kellogg’s Corn Pops or Honey Smacks, but lighter and way less processed, and also you’re on track to this puffed cereal, glazed in sugar and sold in avenue markets in La Paz. Eat it like cereal or from the bag like popcorn, and watch the chaotic bustle of the markets unfold. Varieties consist of sugar or cocoa-coated quinoa, corn, and even pasta.

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