How to disinfect every corner of your home and office

No surface today can be trusted, be it at home or in the office. When coronavirus took over the world, it came with a huge need for sanitization. Since the covid-19 virus spreads easily with contact, it is crucial to sanitize and disinfect oneself and one’s surroundings whenever possible. There are a plethora of new safety products that have come out to tackle the sanitizing issue. One of the best ones is the Savlon Surface disinfectant spray.

disinfect every corner

The Savlon Surface disinfectant spray is a no-contact, aerosol-based spray that is easy to use and extremely effective as a sanitizer for home and office. With one of its main ingredients being Ethanol IP, this Savlon spray cleans both hard and soft surfaces. Point this spray toward the surface that needs disinfecting and keep it 15cms away before spraying.

For around 10 mins, the spray will keep the surface wet, after which it will slowly begin to dry with the air. This disinfectant leaves no residue and does not need wiping once sprayed either! It is perfect when you have too many surfaces to clean, which happens in offices or homes.

Our homes might look amazing with a little cleaning and arrangement, but cleaning is not as effective as disinfecting. Many surfaces in our homes go unnoticed when sanitization, but they can be grounds for viruses. These surfaces include doors and door handles, cupboards, railings, remote controls, handles, couches, among other things. One needs to have proper knowledge of disinfecting these surfaces to have a safe and sanitized home!

Directions for disinfecting at home using disinfectant sprays:

  • Avoid this spray’s contact with children and store away from them
  • Avoid inhaling the spray’s contents and wear protective gear
  • Make sure there is an air supply in the house for proper disinfection
  • This spray can clean soft surfaces like sofas, cushions, curtains, and mattresses, so don’t shy away from using it
  • Do not touch or wipe for at least 10 minutes after spraying
  • Wash hands thoroughly post disinfecting

With offices opening up and people slowly reclaiming their desks and meeting rooms, it is paramount that every surface is sanitized. Several people touch office desks, and there are often many different kinds of things placed on them, making them extremely unsafe and full of germs. Only a good disinfecting job can deem a space like that safe.

Directions for disinfecting at the office using disinfectant sprays:

  • Unplug all electronic devices and keep away while disinfecting
  • Clear all food and store it in airtight containers
  • All electronic items must be cleaned with disinfectant wipes
  • Do not forget to disinfect keyboards with wipes or disinfectant spray sprayed on a clean cloth
  • Clear the rest of the space that might be cluttered with photo frames, plants, bottles, files, etc
  • Use a surface disinfectant carefully on the desk, handles, keyholes, keys as well as the chairs
  • Do not forget to go under immovable things and different surfaces

All these pointers, if followed, will give you a perfectly disinfected home. Washing hands post-disinfection is vital as any little disinfectant must not go into our bodies. The whole process at your office or home should not take more than 15-20 minutes and should be done very regularly to fight against viruses like covid-19 and others.

The Savlon Surface disinfectant spray also leaves behind a pleasant fragrance post-disinfection which will keep your workspace and home smelling fresh and clean!

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