ZENB, an Organic Food Concept That Delivers Veggie-First Nutrition

Through Use of Whole Vegetables, Launches Direct to Consumer within the U.S.

CHICAGO, June 17, 2019,/PRNewswire/ — ZENB, a progressive plant-based business enterprise that was growing healthy and natural foods, these days introduced the release of its lifestyle logo and the debut of its first product to the marketplace, ZENB Veggie Sticks. ZENB earned its name from the Japanese word “zebu,” which means “entire.” Staying proper to its call, the organization utilizes complete vegetables in its merchandise together with the components that regularly get thrown away. Most of all, ZENB is cultivating a lifestyle brand for customers to rethink the technique of plant-based meals and the environment.


ZENB, an Organic Food Concept That Delivers Veggie-First Nutrition 2

Fiber is a vital day-by-day nutrient regularly overlooked via discarding the seeds, peels, and stems of greens. However, ZENB Veggie Sticks assist increase fiber consumption by using corn with the cob, beets with the peel, and purple bell peppers with the stem and seeds. In addition to veggies, ZENB uses organic substances that honor and have fun with the simple taste of the vegetable.

“We are committed to reclaiming the real taste of meals and developing sustainably sourced products,” says Christiane Paul, CMO of ZENB, US. “The ZENB Veggie Sticks are simply the beginning of the emblem’s line of products to come back, all promising to foster a way of life devoted to wholesome vitamins and delicious plant-based merchandise.”

Along with the nutritional blessings of the use of the discarded vegetable elements, ZENB is taking a step in the right path to simplify food waste by educating consumers on the importance of the usage of as plenty of the vegetable as possible. Preserving parts that are commonly thrown away now not only impact nutrients but immediately contribute to warding off pointless meals waste.

ZENB Veggie Sticks are available direct-to-purchaser in corn, beet, and red bell pepper flavors. Single sale and regular subscription packing containers are now available at ZENB.Com, starting at $17.Ninety-nine for a box of six. ZENB additionally gives a free trial percent (plus $four.99 delivery & dealing with and relevant tax) that lets veggie-hungry consumers sample all three flavors. Subject to terms and situations, please see ZENB.Com for greater statistics.

When it comes to natural meals versus non-organic food, one of the most crucial questions that most diet-fanatics and food curious human beings need to ask is how to inform the distinction. In other phrases, how to discover or differentiate organic food from traditional meals?

Frankly and in reality talking, there is simply no manner to tell the difference between organic food and the traditional meals we are compelled to depend upon the human beings selling us the meals to be straightforward. Luckily for us but, there’s a wish in the shape of labeling, which tells us which foods are natural and which ingredients are not. The USDA requires farms that are natural to observe a strict set of recommendations to be certified as organic.

Over and above this regulation, there are non-public organic farmers institutions with their own brand of certification as nicely. And the commonplace element amongst all of those is that except the certification, they also have seals with which they stamp ingredients and meals merchandise.

Labeling & components profile

When it involves identifying natural food versus non-organic food, one of the simplest strategies is of “labeling” or ingredients’ profile. So, in case you do not feel too at ease about going over to your nearest farmers market to get your organic produce, you may usually check out the labels on your grocery store. If any of the ingredients deemed organic in the shop convey one of the many organic certified seals and labels, you can be confident that it has been organically produced. However, the one component you might need to look out for is precisely what the labels say. Even though certification and labeling are stating that the food you buy is natural, there are extraordinary organic degrees. This is the case now, not for the culmination and the vegetables you purchase fresh from the store; however, the case for the numerous processed and pre-packaged organic ingredients generally tend to have more than one factor.

Therefore, even though you may accept as true with the product you are getting is completely a hundred% organic guaranteed, you might need to test once more on what the label says to get the real story. If you are taking packaged organic foods, the labeling could consist of not only the seal stating that it’s miles crafted from organic produce but also a few keywords to be able to tell you exactly how a lot of natural meals are in the package, if simplest you recognize the way to apprehend what they may be telling you.

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