Verizon Media juices up advert platform with device gaining knowledge of-powered insights

Verizon Media includes new machine learning-enabled tools to its call for side platform (DSP) to give advertisers extra readability into ad performance throughout unique channels and formats.


The business enterprise said the new equipment would offer target audience reach and fee evaluation damaged down via channel (display, connected TV, out of domestic, audio), ad layout (video, native), and alternate. And it stated that future variations of the new equipment should also permit segmentation via a tool, video duration, video placement, and area.

“Increasing transparency inside the programmatic atmosphere needs to be an enterprise-extensive priority, bringing organizations and tech companions together to pressure higher results for customers,” said Steve Kelman, govt vice chairman of worldwide partnerships at Omnicom Media Group, in a statement. “Adding Verizon Media’s functionality to our very own transparency tools allows us to apprehend deeper bidding insights on the auction stage, making sure that we are getting access to the stock through the most beneficial course. This degree of DSP delivers route flexibility should be the expectation transferring ahead.”

Verizon Media’s new gear release comes after in advance this 12 months the agency delivered Digital Out-of-Home (DOOH) inventory for its omnichannel DSP.

“Interest in DOOH is growing, and we recognize consumers need to connect to manufacturers via more than one channel before shopping,” stated Jeff Lucas, head of North American income and global patron solutions at Verizon Media.

In January, Verizon Media struck its international native advertising deal with Microsoft. The groups agreed to offer additional entry to 20% more native inventory via Oath Ad Platforms with advert codecs on Microsoft News/MSN, which include exceptional placements.

“Partnering with Microsoft enables us to convey together this top-class stock with our ad tech, high-quality content, and the most diverse, tested information inside the enterprise to connect entrepreneurs with their key audiences at scale,” stated Guru Gowrappan, CEO of Verizon Media, in a statement.

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