Rovers affirm new catering companion

Sodexo delivers comparable catering offerings at other leading wearing venues, along with Brighton and Hove Albion, Everton, Newcastle United, Hampden Park, Emerald Headingley Stadium, and Ascot Racecourse.


A lengthy-term partnership, which commences on 1 July 2019, will see Sodexo supplying spectator catering and hospitality for the club’s corporate suites, lounges, and executive packing containers on matchdays, in addition to the hospitality for personal conferences and activities held at the membership.

Sodexo and the football membership will at the same time spend money on both the hospitality and concourse retail facilities at Ewood Park, to begin with, new virtual symptoms in public areas, with a focus on a new electronic point of sales systems and stepped forward audio-visual facilities within the lounges.

A new food offer with a robust cognizance on working with neighborhood artisan producers and suppliers at the side of a brand new hospitality offer is currently being finalized. It may be in location previous to the beginning of the 2019-20 season.

This new partnership will see Sodexo deliver its significant revel in and know-how in handing over nice catering and hospitality services in what we hope may be long-lasting and near operating courting with the membership.

On the statement of our new association, Blackburn Rovers would love to take this possibility to thank Northcote, with who we enjoyed a robust partnership over the past 18 years, for the amazing service they have provided to the membership, and we want them each success for the destiny.

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