Original Buddy’s Pizza building sold for $1.36 million in leaseback deal

Buddy’s Pizza owners have bought the pizza chain’s unique Detroit region — but it’s now not final.

An entity affiliated with Buddy’s majority investor, eating place investment firm CapitalSpring, offered the building at the town’s east aspect to New Jersey-based Essential Properties Realty Trust on June 7 for $1.36 million, in step with city and country information.

Crain dispatched a message searching for a remark with Essential Properties.

Buddy’s and CapitalSpring are leasing the construction again from its new owner — a pass to elevate capital because the chain expands current places and targets to open new pizza shops in Plymouth in July, Woodhaven in August, and downtown Detroit this autumn, they said in an emailed announcement. They declined to provide additional details Monday regarding the leaseback approach.


The statement said that the eating place’s operations aren’t expected to exchange.

Based in 1946, Buddy’s is extensively diagnosed as the originator of Detroit-style square pizza. It announced in early 2018 that it had sold a stake inside the corporation to CapitalSpring because it aimed to grow outdoor metro Detroit — and out-of-doors Michigan. The parties have said CapitalSpring gives knowledge and funding for the expansion efforts but has declined to offer the partnership’s financial details.

The 3,571-square-foot building is at 17125 Conant St., intersection with McNichols Road.

Eater Detroit stated in July that Buddy’s was trying to sell the vicinity and lease it back.

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