Moose crashes through pizza keep’s window in Maine: ‘He moose were hungry’

Sorry, big guy. The restaurant’s closed.

Police inside the city of Dover-Foxcroft, Maine, say a moose crashed via the window of a now-closed pizzeria at approximately 1:30 a.M. On Friday.


Matt Poole, an officer with the Piscataquis County Sheriff’s Office, managed to snap a photo of the probably hangry moose exiting returned out via the broken window onto East Main Street, the Portland Press Herald mentioned.

“We found the suspect, and they’re no longer in custody,” the Dover-Foxcroft police joked on Facebook. “Boring, right?”

Dover-Foxcroft Police Chief Ryan Reardon informed the Press Herald that moose spottings aren’t precisely unusual. However, they rarely smash through windows into homes or nearby agencies.

“I’ve been at this task for 26 years, and I grew up here, and that is the primary time I’ve seen it,” Reardon instructed the outlet.
Commenters who answered to the police branch’s Facebook post, in the meantime, couldn’t assist but crack jokes.

“It’s a moose-take. He changed into just the first responder,” one wrote.

“This is a-moose-ing,” every other introduced. “He moose have been hungry.”

Others expressed their situation for the animal, which turned into probable hurt all through the “wreck-in.”

It’s unclear if the moose were positioned following the incident. Police say the animal had in all likelihood been injured. However, WBZ-TV pronounced on Friday afternoon that the moose back competently to the woods.

The moose also made off with not a single slice because the pizza shop that previously used the gap had moved just across the Piscataquis River in Dover-Foxcroft.

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