Kurdish Man Smashes Cake into Pet Lion’s Face, Netizens Furious over Animal Abuse

A Kurdish man is being ridiculed online for his “merciless” act of smashing a birthday cake into the face of a puppy lion he rescued as a cub.

In a video that prompted outrage on social media, a set of Kurdish-speaking men are visible kneeling next to the lion before one among them smashes a cake into the poor animal’s face. He then rubs the cake at the lion’s face as the others around him snicker.


The big cat shakes its head and paws its face to get the cake off because it tries to get away from the men.

The culprit has been diagnosed as Blend Brifkani, head of a local NGO called the Kurdish American Cooperation Organisation.

Following outrage over his act, the rich singer-became-activist apologized for letting his “feelings of pleasure” take over him.

He described the lion as his “very first-rate buddy” and said the pictures “shows pure emotions of overwhelmingness (sic) and pleasure that I had even as celebrating his birthday.”

“When I discovered him within the desert, he turned into by myself, small and vulnerable without a mother. If he had gotten into the wrong palms, he wouldn’t have made it alive. I furnished him a safe home, an excellent environment, veterinary care, and everything had to sustain the lion’s fitness till he grew,” Brifkani said in an Instagram put up.

“My plan turned into never to keep him in captivity, however alternatively increase him until he became well sufficient and old sufficient to be set free into the wild again.”

He admitted it become “incorrect for throwing a cake at the lion’s face (sic), I have let my feelings of exhilaration take over me, and I make an apology to those whom I even have indignant.”

Brittani insisted he turned into now not an “animal abuser” and changed into “continuously operating on tasks that show how vital animals are to me, especially Leo and what kind of I care for his well-being. I guarantee you that Leo is secure and could quickly go back to the wild.”

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