Food and Drink Federation updates gluten labelling steerage

The Food and Drink Federation has posted an up to date UK nice practice steering on the labeling of foods that contain gluten and claims relating to the absence or decreased presence of gluten.

Gluten-Free Foods List

The file gives information approximately the difference between coeliac disease and cereal allergy, recommendations on precautionary allergen labeling, as well as a drift diagram for making gluten absence claims.

The new steerage is supported by way of the Gluten-Free Industry Association, Coeliac UK, Anaphylaxis Campaign, and the British Retail Consortium.

Heather Hancock, chairman of the Food Standards Agency, said that the update would acquire “greater consistency” within the labeling of prepacked foods.

She delivered: “Having a dependent on consistent technique will make it easier for humans with coeliac disease or with hypersensitive reactions to those cereals to locate and apprehend the labeling data they want. And meaning they can make safer food choices. I am very thrilled to peer besides progress in this central region of public health and customer safety.”

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