Chinese Food and Thursday Night Football

How Akiem Hicks is embracing more than one roles with the Bears

Over the past three days, inside the aftermath of the Bears100 birthday party, gamers and coaches at Halas Hall have spoken drastically about how massive an effect the occasion left on them. Whether it was Jim McMahon passing down his trademark headscarf to Mitch Trubisky or Richard Dent speaking shop with Khalil Mack, it’s come to be increasingly more clear that the 2019 Bears are complete-heartedly embracing the expectancies that beyond players and enthusiasts have located on this season.

Chinese Food

There changed into perhaps no clearer signal of that than throughout the panel presenting Akiem Hicks, Dan Hampton, Ed O’Bradovich, and Tommie Harris. After getting pep talks from the latter three, Hicks grabbed a mic, gave a well-delivered line about accepting their challenges, and sat lower back as the ones within the crowd cheered themselves into a frenzy, ultimately breaking out into a ‘Super Bowl’ chant. A bit of fan carrier, sure; however, Hicks nonetheless welcomes the pressure from those who got here earlier than him.

“I’ve gotten to speak to Dan Hampton earlier than, and I even have quite a few admire for him and his knowledge of the sport,” he said after Wednesday’s exercise. “And so to concentrate on him inform an auditorium complete of human beings that he expects greatness from me put weight to your shoulders. And I love to lift, so we are going to get after it.”

Nothing wins Chicago over pretty like a terrific Bears defense, something Hicks is nicely aware of. A first-time Pro Bowler final season who changed into these days named one of the group’s Top one hundred Players of All-Time, he’s properly-versed in the illustrious history — now not to mention daunting standards — of his function.

“This metropolis loves defense, so while our protection came out [at Bears100], the excitement and strength that was in that room was wonderful,” he said. “Then when I did the panel and I was given to be after a number of the best-ever Bears greats — specifically playing my role — there’s not anything find it irresistible. If you have a deep appreciation for the history and you have a deep admiration for simply soccer in well-known, like I did develop up, it is so rewarding.”

Being a leader within the NFL doesn’t manifest strictly among the lines, something Hicks found out at some stage in the early years of his career spent in New Orleans. Now, during each week of the season, the entire protection will move over to his house for dinner. Attendance is needed.

“Every week, we’ll eat at Akiem’s house and watch Thursday Night Football,” Prince Amukamara stated. “He’s the only one who leads that, and he makes sure that all of us do something together at least as soon as every week. He sincerely makes it mandatory, and if you don’t move, you’ll listen about it.”

Chinese food (his choice) is typically at the menu; it’s miles his residence in the end. With that said, these days, Hicks has opened the ground to the suggestions of his teammates – a move so painfully in-line with the Bears’ We-Not-Me mantra that someplace Matt Nagy is randomly fist-pumping. Since then, they have cooked some steaks and had a few barbecues.

“When you are round guys frequently, and you are taking that time aside, now not just from soccer and work, however truly get to understand each other and spend time with each other — not anything sappy — but simply enjoying every different’s agency, it makes you surely take care of someone,” he said. “You’ll do things in your brother which you would not do for a pal. So while you truly treat your teammates like brothers and you have that energy, it just makes for a terrific revel in out on the sector.”

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