Bake-A-Rama set for June 22

This year’s Bake-A-Rama is themed Tropical Fruits II and could take vicinity June 22 within the Root Building. Entry is from 8 to eleven a.M.

Baked Foods

1. All Entries need to be cooked.

2. The entries could be time-honored Saturday, June 22, between 8 am-11 am inside the Root Building. Closed judging of the entries will start at Noon.

3. The winners can be posted.

4. All entries and their boxes become the belongings of the Bake-Arama Committee. A sample of food can be saved for the show. Unless otherwise special, the rest of the product might be offered in the bake sale to be able to begin at approximately 2 pm or after judging concludes.

5. This contest is open to Rush County citizens simplest.

6. The product entered should be made through the man or woman getting into the exhibit.

7. All entries need to be accompanied by the recipe’s aid, which incorporates instructions and substances for ALL parts of the product. Recipes must be PRINTED or TYPED on an eight 1/2 x eleven” sheet of paper. All recipes become the property of the Bake-A-Rama Committee. Exhibitor names ought to NOT be at the recipe.

8. Paper liners cannot be used with cupcakes or desserts. Products have to be delivered in disposable packing containers.

9. Each access should incorporate one (1) or more of any shape of the subsequent tropical culmination – Coconut, Kiwi, Mango, Avocado, Dates, and Papaya. No home-canned fruits, vegetables, or meats are permitted in merchandise.

10. The lessons for access are as follows: (Mixes are allowed simplest in Class 6 – Miscellaneous)

a) One cake OR four cupcakes

b) One yeast bread OR four rolls

c) Four cookies

d) One pie

e) Quick Bread – Four cakes OR one loaf

f) Miscellaneous – Any object using cake mixes, dumplings, cobblers, crunches, etc.

Each exhibitor may enter three (three) objects in keeping with class.

11. Prizes may be offered – 1st & 2d in each magnificence as merited. A grand prize of $50 and a grand reserve prize of $25 might be offered from the six first-area winners.

12. Filling, frosting, glazing, pie filling, and meringue (whether uncooked or cooked) are not accepted to contain cream cheese, sour cream, heavy cream, or whipped cream as the nature of that merchandise will increase the moisture content and water activity of the meals. Foods with a higher moisture content material and water activity may be perfect growing situations for meals borne pathogens. Even supposing the element is a part of a batter and baked. Additionally, raw milk, uncooked milk merchandise, or uncooked eggs/egg whites aren’t authorized. Eggs/egg whites that have been cooked to

a hundred and sixty°F (i.E. Pasteurized or blanketed as a part of a batter and baked) are suitable. No home-canned result, greens, or meats are accredited in products. Recipes have to be provided that show which components have been utilized in each part of the product. Contestants should carefully wash their arms and make sure that their hands do not have any open cuts before making ready meals. Contestants must not be getting ready meals reveals for competition within 48 hours of recovering from any contamination.

Whenever viable, baked merchandise needs to be transported and stored in chilled coolers (41°F).

13. For extra information, touch the Rush County Extension Office at 932-5974.
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