A deputy changed into fatally shot as he waited at a fast-food restaurant

(CNN)A sheriff’s deputy who becomes shot this week even as ready at a quick-food restaurant near Los Angeles has died, the government stated Wednesday night.

Los Angeles County Deputy Joseph Gilbert Solano, 50, turned into a shot inside the head as he waited for food at a Jack within the Box in Alhambra. He turned into off-duty and in civilian garments when it took place, the government said.

Fast Food

Someone in the eating place had warned him that he changed into being accompanied before the taking pictures Monday, CNN associate KABC suggested, citing Sheriff Alex Villanueva.

In a declaration Wednesday night, Villanueva introduced that docs labored for two days to attempt to save him. However, he’d succumbed to his accidents.

“The complete LASD Family has been shaken by using the tragic news regarding the mindless and cowardly murder,” he stated. “With a heavy coronary heart and surrounded via Deputy Solano’s loved ones, I needed to do the toughest thing I have ever needed to do — announce the passing of one of my deputies.”

Law enforcement officials accrued to escort his flag-draped coffin from the science center to the county coroner’s workplace.
“Deputy Solano become known as a type-hearted and generous circle of relatives man, a company for his mom and an exemplary father to his kids,” Villanueva said. “We are a higher department due to his selfless provider.”

Police arrested Rhett McKenzie Nelson, 30, for taking pictures Tuesday. He turned into initially hung on $2 million bails, but after the deputy’s death, that modified to no bail, the affiliate suggested. Information on his attorney changed into no longer immediately available.

Alhambra is about 10 miles from downtown Los Angeles.

There appears to be a definite connection between speedy food and weight problems. The rapid meals chains will deny it of the path or blame it on their clients, but the affiliation is there. And it is a hassle Americans need to deal with.

So, what is so unique, approximately speedy food? As it seems, fast food has a few real advantages . . . In the brief period. The meals are hot, and it tastes correct. Quite sincerely, human beings experience ingesting it extra than they do many other styles of food. However, that is one of the links between speedy food and obesity.

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Scientists have made it their commercial enterprise to examine fast food and weight problems issues. Some say rapid food is as addictive to the human frame as heroin. This is the hobby because the average American eats away four helpings of speedy meals, French fries, and three speedy meals hamburgers every week!

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