Photos show what the ‘American’ food aisle looks like in grocery shops around

Around the sector, there may be regularly a belief that the everyday American diet is composed in general of junk ingredients and sugary treats — a perception it’s fueled in element with the aid of illustration of the US in popular lifestyle.

Baked Foods

But, in line with photos of “American” meal aisles at certain grocery shops, it appears that human beings, NGS in a few countries, have taken the stereotype to coronary heart, with grocery stores stocking everything from maple syrup to Pop-Tarts.

We’ve accumulated pics of supermarket sections committed to “American” ingredients so that you can see what humans around the sector would possibly certainly suppose human beings within the US want to eat.
A Colombian grocery store had an interesting mix of condiments and boxed ingredients in its USA aisle
Salad dressings, ketchup, mustard, enjoy, and steak sauce might be determined along with canned soups, instant potatoes, and baked items.

People in France might suppose Americans are all about sweet treats, at the least in step with these supermarkets.

According to this French grocery store, maple syrup, boxed cake blend, peanut butter, and mustard might consider American staples.

Another time, cookies, cake, and sugary accessories reign supreme in the American aisle at this grocery shop.
In Ireland, the USA section of this grocery store might trouble dentists throughout America
One such aisle in Dublin appears to inventory sweet and sugary snacks like Twinkies and Pop-Tarts.

A shop in Myanmar might have the impact that Jell-O and Milano cookies are a huge part of the American food regimen
You also can discover Goldfish.

An American aisle in a grocery store in Spain includes Fluff, frosting, and ranch dressing
There’s also chocolate sauce, hot sauce, and sprinkles to spherical out the show.
This American aisle at a grocery shop in Sweden is all approximately sugar
You can discover the whole thing from Twizzlers to Toaster Tarts.

And across the pond, British grocery stores seem to stock their US aisles with junk meals.’
Americans favorites like Reese’s, A.1. Sauce, peanut butter, and Fluff are all on the market.

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