Michigan Woman Goes From Teaching English To Owning Multiple Businesses In Korea

There are lists placed out regularly highlighting successful Black corporations. There are even efforts to create a worldwide Black enterprise listing. Yet and still, budding marketers are often neglected for more salacious media. This is why we take each possibility we can to spotlight their success.

Insert Jessica Fry, a local Michigander, who left the U.S. For South Korea, about 11 years in the past to teach English. Fry told Travel Noire that she initially left to save cash to invest in real property. “I became looking for a change and a way to store cash, so I concept I would come to Korea, store money, and then begin a business. I read a weblog that you may come to Korea and paintings and now not ought to pay rent,” Fry stated.

American Cuisine

Soon after arriving in Korea, she realized that the possibilities for different types of enterprise were limitless. She additionally very quickly realized that there had been a want for more Black hair care products. The location of Pyeongtaek, wherein Fry lived, become home to a big Army and Air Force base. Her idea for hair care got here after researching ways to make the squaddie’s lives easier. This caused the opening of Fry’s first beauty supply store, Honey Hair.

The enterprise fast took off, and Honey Hair finally became one of the biggest beauty delivery shops in us, imparting products that women couldn’t discover everywhere else.

“I wanted to satisfy the needs of Black ladies. I even have also expanded to meet the desires of girls in standard, even Asian ladies. A precise excellent that I even have is that I’m a high-quality buyer. So, I’m wonderful at finding the trendiest things and products that human beings need,” Fry advised Travel Noire.

Fry went on to strive her hand in several different enterprise endeavors. She spread out a boutique apparel store that she turned into finally capable of sell to the government. Then she used the cash to open up a small sandwich store, which sooner or later turned into a bigger restaurant, JJ’s American Diner.

The diner offers a truly American experience and genuine American delicacies. Fry stated that “the eating place is surely focused on being just like America. It’s a singular revel in for the Koreans and a flavor of domestic for the soldiers.”

She has certainly no plans of slowing down either. Fry is making plans on launching even extra agencies, which include a go well with the store and a herbal and holistic health enterprise.

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