Blues like ‘home cooking’ for kids

Blues inside the School software now in its thirteenth year

Students in Bruce County got a lesson inside the blues last week from journeying roots musician and historian Rev. Robert Jones Sr.

Cooking For Kids

Jones Sr., who hails from Detroit and has over 30 years of performances under his belt, delivered his celebratory message of range via music and testimonies to students at four faculties last week, together with Saint Anthony’s and Huron Heights in Kincardine.

While Jones Sr. Has achieved for all kinds of audiences, he said the principle is continually equal from union contributors to prisoners. It would help if you connected to your audience, whoever they may be.

But the six-album veteran, who also played May 15 on the Sutton Park Inn alongside Ripley’s Anna Shield, started appearing for younger human beings to energize him continually.

“It’s always greater amusing to play for youngsters than to play for drunks,” he said before his performance at Saint Anthony’s on May 15. “And I by no means get tired of getting a kid run as much as you and say, ‘hiya man that’s cool.’”

“In that experience, playing for youngsters sincerely reinforces a sense of undertaking and reason manner greater than the phantasm of superstardom that most musicians I know are chasing.”

And on the “task and reason” of Jones Sr., to light up the pervasive impact on and importance of African American and American roots music dovetails with the Bruce County Blues Society’s aim of clean the blues genre for brand spanking new generations. To that effect, the society’s Blues within the School program is now 12-years antique.

“It’s a typically held notion that blues tune is honestly the roots of all the popular music available nowadays including us of a and rock, so we need kids to learn that and understand it,” said Rick Clarke of Bruce County Blues.

According to Clarke, the other detail of bringing blues into college gyms as part of the Ontario Power Generation-sponsored software is acknowledging that colleges normally don’t have the cash to hire musical acts.

“In today’s monetary weather, colleges just don’t have the finances for professional musicians to carry out of their schools,” he stated. “So we provide this application, as highly-priced as it is, at no cost to the colleges.”

Jones Sr. Had played Saint Anthony’s and other faculties in the region before, as he performed Blues in the School’s 2008 collection as properly.

Fast-forward 11 years, and the multi-instrumentalist hasn’t misplaced his touch. At Saint Anthony’s this time, he had college students, and instructors alike enthralled as he deftly switched among songs, stories, and some teachings at the music he refers to “home cooking,” in preference to the short meals of popular music.

“Hopefully, you’re the man that who inspires them to concentrate on something apart from the popular song that’s being fed to them,” he said. “And there’s continually a few little weird kids in a crowd who could be the subsequent Bob Dylan, Myles Davis, Cyndi Lauper, or whoever this is, and you hope to connect to them too.”

Over 4 shows Jones Sr. Finished for college kids from six faculties, such as Ripley-Huron Community, Paisley Central, and Kincardine-Township Tiverton, who visited for the Huron-Heights public faculty consultation.

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